Students' National Chemical Engineering Conference

The Students' National Chemical Engineering Conference is UP KEM's flagship event, bringing more than 400 chemical engineering students from over 30 chemical engineering universities nationwide. This two-day conference features four sub-events: the National Chemical Engineering Symposium (NaChES), the Inter-University Chemical Engineering Quiz Show (Inter-U), the Students' Chemical Engineering Networking Event (SCENE), and the Research Grant Colloquium (ReGrant). Every year, different chemical engineering innovations, trends, and challenges that are relevant to the country, such as Green Engineering, Biotechnology, Food Engineering, and Renewable Energy are brought to its participants.

Check Marks the Spot

Check Marks the Spot (CMTS) is a year-long movement that promotes science and technology to the Filipino youth. It addresses the youth's educational needs through its four sub-events: CARES (College Admission Review Series), Collab (a three-day science laboratory camp), Compass (a roving STEM career orientation caravan), and Catalyst (a prototype competition). Through these efforts, CMTS aims to develop the interest and aptitude of high school students for the sciences. CMTS envisions a nation built by critical thinkers and problem solvers in the future, and it looks to the youth to be the catalyst that makes this vision a reality.


Held as one of the night events for the Engineering Week, AWITAN is a prestigious chorale singing competition featuring the talents of various student organizations from around the University. Well-known judges experienced in chorale singing are invited to hold workshops for the contestants as well as select finalists from the screening sessions prior to the event proper. With more than fifty years of showcasing talent, AWITAN has covered such musical fields as Disney, Broadway, OPM, and ABBA.

KEM Gives Back

A year-long endeavor, KEM Gives Back aims to look for communities experiencing problems ranging from health and wellness concerns, safety problems, environmental issues, among others, and apply chemical engineering concepts in order to provide sustainable solutions. True to its name, KGB aims to become an avenue for allowing KEM to give back to society.


kosh, formerly known as the UP KEM Online Shop, is the organization’s main financial arm, combining science, engineering, and pop culture through originally-designed shirts, hoodies, bags, and other creations. In every step of the way, KEMers are trained in product design, brand management, website development, nationwide logistics, and quality customer service. Since its establishment in 2012, kosh continues to build on its past achievements, funding not only KEM’s events but also servicing more than 4600 clients nationwide through well-known product lines such as Wear Your Feelings, Die Curious, What’s Your Flavor, and the Renewables.

Department Seminar

The Department Seminar is an event dedicated to helping incoming ChE freshmen know the Department. It features talks from the Department Chair, as well as from distinguished persons in the academe and in the chemical engineering industry. In addition to the Department’s policies and activities, the freshmen will also be briefed on student life in the College such as schoolwork, curricula, and student organizations.

Orientation Seminar

The Orientation Seminar is a program with talks from distinguished KEM alumni and members, as well as a showcase of performances from the organization’s various talent pools. The organization’s achievements, events, and the opportunities available for each member are proudly displayed during the Seminar.

Anniversary Week

The week-long event is divided into four parts: Exhibit, Launch, Service Project, and Culmination Night. The Exhibit aims to show UP KEM’s vision for its 63rd year and serves to officially open the celebration. The Service Project aims to give back to the Department. The Culmination Night is a formal dinner and the official closing of the Anniversary Celebration. The Anniversary Week is a celebration of everything the organization has accomplished, taking KEMers of all ages to reunite, reminisce, and look to the future together.