Voyage: Orientation Seminar 17A

Voyage: Orientation Seminar 17A

by Alicia Theresse Dumlao

Since 1954, UP KEM has always invested in their members since they are the main pillars that drive UP KEM to explore new wonders. And members always start as aspirants undergoing the application process. To jumpstart this sem’s application process is the Orientation Seminar, Voyage. It was held at the P&G Hall last September 6, 2017 (Wednesday). The event was hosted by Dean Sotoya and Mac Pasciolco.

The OrSem started off with welcoming words from the Executive Vice President, Rans Lintag. An icebreaker followed this to develop the atmosphere of the event. The program was a series of explanatory and inspiring talks given by various KEMers. Heads of ad hoc committees (namely CMTS, KOSH, Awitan, KGB, and SNCEC) started the series of talks, orienting the potential applicants of how KEMers work together to successfully organize an event that will not only benefit the event’s diverse constituents, but also benefit those who have worked hard for the event by allowing the members to build their work ethics. But growth doesn’t end with these AdHoc committees. UP KEM also offers growth by exposing its members to external organizations, may it be within the college, or even outside the university. Gab Lerona, Engineering Representative to USC, also talked about how we should be critical of the issues of our country as iskos and iskas.  ESC Vice Chairperson, Gill Leyson, mainly talked about the connections that KEM and ESC can offer while heads from other service orgs such as Regcomm, Inhenyero, and CAPES, talked about the opportunities joining these orgs can give. Other testimonials of how UP KEM encouraged them to seek greater heights by applying for external orgs with a wider range of constituents came from PIChE EVP, Laia Valencia, and PACS President, Yra Camacho.

(From the left) Gian Aguila, incumbent UP KEM VP for Membership; Jose Fernando Perez, UP KEM 1011 Executive Secretary; Alexander Roxas, incumbent UP KEM President

(From the left) Gian Aguila, incumbent UP KEM VP for Membership; Troy Tolentino, UP KEM 1617 President; Alexander Roxas, incumbent UP KEM President

Alumni members were also present at the event. Fresh graduate and former president, Troy Tolentino, gave a speech about the achievements UP KEM has had and how these achievements also helped him accomplish his personal life goals. Jose Fernando Perez, the Executive Secretary, AY 2010-2011 from Philippine Batteries Inc., talked about how it is a lot more fun if more people shared the ups and downs the app process has in store for the applicants. With all these, the attendees were given an idea how UP KEM upholds academic and professional proficiency. But the organization doesn’t stop with these two ideals, since it also advocates for its members’ holistic development. Jun Juen, a representative of the org’s Engineering Week team, talked about how many podium finishes KEM performers have had, how KEMers always do their best in every performance, and how every KEMer supports each other during competitions.

Talent Pools’ Mega-Production. KEMers showcased their talents by entertaining the attendees with their tula-dula play.

The KEMers surely didn’t disappoint because the audience had a very fun and enjoyable time watching the different talent pools team up for the mega-production. The mega-prod was a tula-dula play which tackled current issues, from light topics like SHS students’ potential up to heavy matters like EJKs. Dance routines, band song numbers, and chorale performances were also scattered all throughout the play to emphasize parts of the storyline and to show just how talented KEMers can be.

The series of talks ended with a very inspirational speech of Batch 16B’s Summa KEM Laude, Goran Tomacruz. Indeed, this series of speeches aren’t simply enlightening talks, but also encouraging testimonies. Despite the unforeseen dilemmas that the team encountered at the day of the scheduled OrSem, they were still able to organize an informative yet enjoyable OrSem, with an attendance of 12 unaffiliated students. From here on, the organization can only hope that the potential applicants are ready for everything that KEM has to give and offer them.