Department Seminar 2017

Department Seminar 2017

by Hazel Angelica Go

Last September 4, 2017 marked the takeoff of this year’s ChEck-In: the Department of Chemical Engineering Building Tour and Seminar. Freshmen and seniors alike gathered at the department to attend the first event of the day, the Department Seminar, handled by UP KEM as part of the ChEck-In umbrella event.

Greeting the attendees at the doorway of A101 was a registration booth marked by lively tarpaulins decorated with an array of colorful hot air balloons. Here they were given printed handbooks filled with useful write-ups about chemical engineering as a course and as a career to serve as a portable piece of the seminar to carry with them even after the day was over.

The program began at 9 AM with a warm welcome from the hosts of the event, Dean Ryan Sotoya and Darlene Centina. Throughout the rest of the morning, the attendees were informed and educated by a variety of talks presented by three distinguished speakers from the Department of Chemical Engineering. First was an introduction to chemical engineering as a profession, presented by Sir Aldren Ribalde, who proved to be both informative and entertaining, drawing laughs from the audience as he described the basics of the chemical engineering profession and the wide variety of industries that it could contribute to.

Inspirational talk. Participants are engaged in the discussion of Dr. Joey Ocon during the Department Seminar last September 4 held at the Chemical Engineering Building, UP Diliman.  

Following this was Mr. Rey Marquez’s introduction to each chemical engineering course offered in the curriculum, taking the students on a journey through the production of commercial sugarcane and how each major course contributed to the knowledge necessary to make such a seemingly simple yet underrated process possible. To close, Dr. Joey Ocon told the story of his awe-inspiring journey of success, from his earliest days as a student to his establishment of the Laboratory of Electrochemical Engineering within the Department. His impressive achievements and honest sharing gave the attendees a glimpse of a chemical engineer’s life of continuous learning and sharing of knowledge with others.

Keeping the attendees refreshed between speakers were performances from the chemical engineering organizations, featuring a sassy dance number from UP KEM and a relaxing song number by UP ALCHEMES. Volunteers from the audience were also called upon to join the icebreaker game, an amusing 4-on-4 game of pass-the-message, in which the participants relayed words and phrases to each other only through frantic, silent gestures. Snacks were shared and distributed as well, keeping the attendees in good spirits.

Awarding of certificates. Engr. Aldren Ribalde (3rd from the right) and Mr. Rey Marquez (2nd from the right) received their certificate of appreciation for being the speakers of the event. 

The Department Seminar ended with the presentation of certificates to the speakers and free lunch for the satisfied attendees. Through the various talks, the freshmen present at the event were able to learn more about the possibilities of their new course, and even the upperclassmen were engaged by the seminar which served as a spirited reminder of the future they’ve been working for. All-around, the Department Seminar was a simple yet fun and informative event, providing the attendees with a wider perspective of the different aspects of chemical engineering in a relaxed, intimate, and casual atmosphere.