2nd Compass installment held at San Jose Academy

2nd Compass installment held at San Jose Academy

by Mary Joyce Tan

In its envision to have a larger, more competent and driven body of scientists and engineers in the Philippines, the team Check Mark’s the Spot (CMTS) visited San Jose Academy in Navotas City last October 2, 2017 for its second installment of Compass, a sub-event of CMTS that aims to promote science and technology to grade 9 to 10 students.’

UP KEM conducted Compass under CMTS to promote the STEM track to junior high school students.


The seminar was kicked off by Mr. Mark Steven Santiago, who is a current professor in the Institute of Chemistry. Mr. Santiago talked about the possible careers in the field of science and how the field of science has held the different sectors of the country. The second talk, which aimed to encourage the students in taking the path of engineering, was given by Mr. Benedict Requejo, who also talked about the different opportunities that the track offers to its graduates. The talk mainly focused on how engineering has made a great impact in the society and how each engineering course is applied to the different aspects of life.

Mr. Tolentino on the other hand talked about how life was as a STEM Student. He talked about the different struggles that one might experience while pursuing a course in science.

The seminar was concluded by Dr. Delia Laguyo who discussed the results of the assessment exam given during registration. Dr. Laguyo also talked about the different steps that students must undergo when choosing a senior high strand.

Compass 2017 first installment was held in New Era High School, Quezon City.


Handouts were also given during the registration to inform the students of the different paths that were not discussed in detail during the talk. The handouts also include tips in making career choices. With all these talks given and guide materials distributed, the junior high school students will surely have a better understanding of how they should choose the path to pursue for their senior high school, and eventually, for their college education.

Junior high school students eagerly listened to the inspirational talks of the guest speakers with the aim of enticing them to the STEM track.

The event team gathered together to celebrate the successful installment of Compass 2017.


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