CARES kicks off at Judge Juan Luna HS

CARES kicks off at Judge Juan Luna HS

by Greg Alfonso Cembrano

As preparation of the graduating high school students for the upcoming UP College Admission Test (UPCAT) on October 21-22, CARES commences in Judge Juan Luna High School in Quezon City.  The review series, which is designed by UP KEM to help graduating high school students prepare for college entrance examinations, is held into four installments last September 23, September 30, October 7 and October 11.

On the first day of CARES at Judge Juan Luna High School last September 23, students took a mock exam in the morning session of the review. This was to check if they have improved after the second mock exam, which is administered at the end of the series. In the afternoon session, Greg Cembrano discussed English Proficiency and Reading Comprehension.

Graduating HS students took a mock exam in the first session of CARES to check their improvement after the end of the review series.

Language Proficiency covers topics such as vocabulary and grammar, and is measured by tests such as analogy, identification of errors, sentence ordering, and vocabulary questions. Greg discussed several ways of choosing the right answer without knowing the meaning of the words and stressed the importance of reading widely to broaden the students’ vocabulary, which saves time in answering vocabulary and analogy questions.

The Reading Comprehension section of an entrance exam requires students to read and understand a given passage under time pressure. Several speed reading techniques were given and there was also a discussion on the different types of exam questions in this section, and the different ways of getting the answers for each type.

On the second session of CARES last September 30, Mary Joyce Tan and Kristin Joy Davila discussed Filipino while Mathematics was tackled by Justin Quintos. Same as the English subject, the discussion on Filipino was also divided into two: Language Proficiency and Reading Comprehension. Different tips in speed reading and answering grammar and vocabulary questions were given in the session and again, the importance of widening the vocabulary was reiterated. On the other hand, Justin’s discussion in Math covers algebra, statistics and geometry where several problems are solved in the review.

For the third installment of CARES, Science subjects such as General Science, Biology and Chemistry were tackled. James Maranan facilitated the review of General Science which included earth science and basic astronomy while Gerald James Balon discussed Biology which covered living things classification, evolution, basic genetics, anatomy of the human body and other high school biology topics. On the other hand, Chemistry was explained by Dean Sotoya and Gerald James Balon. In this review session, basic concepts on each of the science subjects were emphasized aided by examples and problems solved by the class.

The remaining science subject, Physics, was discussed on the fourth and last session of CARES in Judge Juan Luna High School. Ramon Danganan and Mary Joyce Tan handled the review on Physics which covered topics such as statics and dynamics, work and energy, forces and electricity. To conclude the review series, a comprehensive exam was administered to check how much the students learned from the past four review sessions. Before the review ended, it was made sure that the students retained the things they have learned from the session with the closing reminders of Alec Yau.


Students from Judge Juan Luna congregated after the successful installment of CARES 2017 in their school.

In its installment in Judge Juan Luna High School, CARES is successful in honing and preparing the ingenious minds of the students for their upcoming college entrance examinations. Spearheaded by Ernest Delmo, this review series is a big help to graduating students so they can be admitted to their dream college especially for those who cannot afford enrolling in a review center.

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