Another Lab for Collab

by James Quin Maranan

Given the state of science and technology in the country, Collab, formerly known as ChEmaraderie, returns to ignite the interest of high school students in science. Collab, like its predecessor, is a 3-day workshop consisting of handon experiments which aim to stimulate the interest of high school students for science and technology. These experiments are not only fun, but also illustrate Chemistry and Physics concepts. The experiments include making glue out of milk and ice cream making.

Together with 3 days of experiments, the students are given a module detailing the science behind the experiments as well as additional information that could help them in their school work. Lectures are also given before each experiment to immediately explain and orient the participants for the upcoming activity.

When asked about her favorite part being one of the people behind this project, Corine Caracas, the current Collab head, answered: “Watching the students during experiments. I like seeing their reactions every time something cool or unexpected happens during experiments and their “aaaah” faces when the concepts behind them are explained.“

Two 3-day workshops have already been planned for this school year. The first one was in St. Jude and the second one, currently ongoing at the time of this writing, is being done at the School of the Holy Spirit of Quezon City.

Additionally, this year, Collab, plans to reach out to public high schools. At the end of the workshops, Collab will provide a selected public high school with laboratory equipment in order to make them capable for a better education in science. A free 3-day workshop will also be provided.

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