Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is tasked with strengthening the internal affairs of the organization, implementing the application process, and evaluating the progress of aspiring applicants. It ensures that camaraderie and good working relations are established within the organization. It is composed of the most active members of the organization who also belong to other committees, making it the most diverse committee in KEM. True to the ideals of UP KEM, the Membership Committee sees to it that all members of the organization abide by the rules, fulfill their responsibilities, and most importantly, find a family to cherish in KEM.

Finance and Marketing Committee

The Finance and Marketing Committee takes charge of the organization’s financial and corporate affairs. Its members come up with innovative income generating projects to ensure that each event is well-funded. The committee also ensures that the finances of the organization are well-accounted for. Aside from this, the committee reaches out to corporate establishments, institutions, and other organizations in order to establish connections and partnerships that will be beneficial to KEM and its stakeholders.

Publicity and Creatives Committee

The Publicity and Creatives Committee is in charge of maintaining KEM’s reputable image and its high-caliber brand of excellence that is recognized not only in the university, but throughout the country. Tasked with creating the distinct KEM brand, the committee oversees all the publications and information dissemination campaigns of the organization and its events. It also takes charge of the different media accounts of the organization, the domicile’s information board, as well as the UP KEM website. Its members supervise the branding of KEM’s endeavors in order to ensure that all publicity materials are always of superior quality.

Ways and Means Committee

The Ways and Means Committee takes charge of the organization’s logistics, merchandise, and domicile needs. Its members are actively involved in KEM’s internal events as logistics team heads, where they make sure all logistics requirements of the organization are provided for. The committee also ensures cleanliness and orderliness of the organization’s official domicile as well as secure all property and supplies of the organization. The members also contribute to the procurement and distribution of KEM merchandise through kosh.

Educational Affairs Committee

The Educational Affairs Committee promotes academic excellence both within and outside of the organization. This is done by holding year-round events such as tutorials and by having a built-in library within the domicile. In addition, the committee also provides review materials and modules for the benefit of its members. The committee also dedicates its time and effort to the community by spearheading events that advocate science and technology to high school students through Check Marks The Spot (CMTS). It also fosters good ties between the students and the faculty of the Chemical Engineering Department by conducting the annual Student-Teacher Dialogue.

Socio-Cultural Affairs and Recreations Committee

The Socio-Cultural Affairs and Recreations Committee manages both the socio-civic and sports events of the organization. The committee aims to develop and refine the skills and talents of every KEMer through training sessions and recreational events. It also promotes health awareness and the well-being of the members through information campaigns and regular sports activities. Its members take pride in nurturing talented individuals who excel in socio-cultural and sports competitions both inside and outside the college.