Purpose to Live For

A KEMer’s goal is to excel in all aspects of life, be it academic or social, for it is through holistic development that a person truly grows.

People to Live With

KEM aims to become a home for all chemical engineers of any social group or class. In diversity we find unity—in unity, we find glory.

Principles to Live By

KEM achieves victory with hard work, dedication, and most of all, honesty. We fight a good, clean fight. We run the race and we finish it.

Profession to Live Out

KEM’s influence on its members is not limited to academics. It instills strength within all KEMers, manifesting even after they leave the university. KEMers continue to shine endlessly, never fading and never being outshone.

Power to Live On

Given this unique power, KEMers continue to show their prowess to all corners of the College of Engineering—never ceasing to dream and never stopping to make those dreams a reality.